Experience temporary drivers on temporary contracts before offering permanent contracts

One of the benefits of sourcing temporary drivers from Route4 Solutions is the ability to try a driver on a temporary contract before making the commitment to employ them on a full-time contract.

The “Temp to Perm” option enables you to evaluate the experience and attitude of a driver and how they fit in with your culture before deciding to commit your company to the legalities of a permanent contract. The temporary contract option also allows the driver to see and understand the job before they commit to you.

Our approach is to work with you from the outset to agree the temporary contact period. This is normally a 12-14 week period during which the driver works for you but is paid by Route4 Solutions. At the end of a successful trial period, the driver transfers to employment to you free of charge.

Benefits include

  • Assessing contract viability: If you’ve won a new contract, using temporary drivers until it becomes established is a good way to protect finances and ensure it is long term enough to warrant a permanent driver.
  • Get to know the driver: A great way to ensure the driver has the skills and personality to fit into your business
  • Employment contracts: You are not tied to anything long term until you know its viable
  • Trained drivers: The trial period can include the time needed for induction and training.
  • Saves money: All the above combine to help your business be more cost effective and efficient.

Route4 Solutions has used the ‘temp to perm’ method to successfully transition temporary drivers into permanent drivers with a number of businesses. We therefore have a good understanding of the process and the support your business and the driver will need.

The process starts with a meeting with you to understand what your company expects from its drivers operationally, and a discussion regarding the salary and benefits you want to offer.

If temporary drivers are a solution that could work for your business please get in touch.



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