What do Route4 Solutions ask temporary drivers at Interview?

What do Route4 Solutions ask temporary drivers at Interview?

In an effort to help encourage more new drivers to register with Route4 Solutions as a HGV, LGV or van driver, we have written this article to help future candidates understand the typical questions we would ask during an interview.

To help answer this question, we sat down with R4 Managing Director, Mike Harris who gave us an overview of the what questions he’d normally ask candidates during the interview process.

What Licence do you hold?

One of the first questions we will ask in order to determine whether a driver is right for Route4 Solutions is what type of driving licence they currently hold. To register as a HGV driver you are required by law to be over the age of 18 and hold a full HGV driving licence.

Route4 Solutions will also require you to have a clean driving licence, complete with a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPS) and a digital tachograph smart card.

Do you have any criminal convictions?

It is a legal requirement that you must disclose any past criminal prosecutions. This will not affect whether or not we will employ you, but we have a duty of care to our clients to ensure we provide a reliable and trusted temporary driver solution.

What is your current employment status?

 To determine how quickly you will be able to start working with us, we always like to ask about your current employment status.

Where have you worked in the past?

Asking this question gives us an insight as to whether you are an experienced driver or are new to the driving sector and may require a more hands on approach to help you settle into the industry.

This does not mean however, that we prefer experience over enthusiasm and reliability. At Route4 Solutions our approach is to always act with our drivers’ best interests at heart. This approach ensures we have happy drivers, and if we have happy drivers, we have happy clients.

What work do you prefer?

 As part of our commitment to our drivers, we will always try to place them in jobs that suit their personal preferences. This can range from drivers telling us the type of vehicles they would prefer to drive, to the type of company they would like to work. This can also include the types of shift patterns they would like to work and whether that includes driving long or short distances.

Do you have past agency experience?

For whatever reason, driving agencies get a bad reputation for mistreating drivers and not having their best interests at heart. We ask if you have past agency experience because we want to understand if you have had a bad previous experience of working with agencies. If we understand what the problems were, we are in a much better position to rectify those issues and help you enjoy working with Route4 Solutions.

Do you have a family and what are your hobbies?

Regardless of any job, family will and should always be the number priority in life. We will always try to place you in a job that enables you to have a healthy work life balance.

Being part of the R4 family means that we will try and help you find more than just a driving job. Many of our drivers are non-UK nationals, so part of our role will also be to help them settle into life in the UK, understand our culture and customs, as well as what to do to find housing if you need it.

Compliance Checks

As part of the interview process we are also legally obliged to complete the following compliance checks;

  • DVLA System Check
    • Driving Convictions Check
    • CPC Check
  • UK Eligibility Check
    • National Insurance Number
    • Passport Number

If you would like to be become a Route4 Solutions HGV Driver, please complete our driver registration form or apply for one on our current vacancies page.

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