Prepare for Christmas with the help of Temporary Drivers

In most circumstances, temporary drivers are employed in the event of staff shortages and usually during busy periods. With Christmas right around the corner, recruiting temporary drivers might be just what your firm needs to remain flexible and cope with the demand from customers for extra deliveries to replenish stock or supplies.

Christmas is without question one of the busiest periods of the calendar year, especially for haulage firms. In other industries, it is common practice to take on temporary staff during the holiday season, and from a haulage standpoint, it may well be an operational necessity to take on temporary drivers to meet customer demand and delivery schedules.

With the help of Route4 Solutions and our trusted pool of drivers we can help your logistics operation remain flexible and fully operational during the festive period. Using Route4 Solutions gives you the flexibility to increase your workforce at short notice and ensure Christmas food gets on the table and presents are wrapped under the tree.

Unlike other driver recruitment agencies, we genuinely believe in taking care of our drivers. Our ethos is simple………Happy drivers enjoy their work, which results in happy clients, everyone’s a winner! It is because we go the extra mile and take care of our drivers, that Route4 Solutions clients know exactly what they are going to get from one our drivers.

Yes, you may think all agencies say the same thing, but we feel the proof is in the fact that Route4 Solutions boasts an impressive 85% driver retention rate. This means that we always have an available pool of drivers and proves that our drivers enjoy working with us.

Mike Harris, Managing Director at Route4 Solutions commented “Route4 Solutions has very close relationships with its drivers. It is on this foundation that we have helped many leading haulage and logistics operators to review their logistics operations. We provide firms with reliable temporary driver solutions.”

The Route4 Solutions approach is fully focused on placing the right driver in the right placement. Our commitment to working with transport managers to help them understand the benefits of recruiting temporary drivers during periods of increased productivity has enabled us to establish good working relationships with haulage and logistics firms across the East Midlands.

If you would like to understand how we might be able to help your logistics operation become more efficient and cost effective this Christmas rush, please complete our enquiry form or call our office on 0845 8520444.

We also now have a Courier Solutions service which we launched in January 2017. Our fleet of long wheeled based sprinters can carry up to four pallet loads of goods. So, if you need any last minute deliveries taking out, don’t hesitate to call Owen Harris on 07590 524556.

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